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Lost and Found


Realising a pet has gone missing can be very distressing, and it is often difficult to know what to do next to find your much loved pet. A systematic, step-by-step approach will help increase the chance of having your pet returned to you. The steps we recommend when a pet is lost are;

1. Firstly, ensure your pet’s microchip details are up to date, especially contact phone numbers. If your pet is handed in to a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, the first thing they will do is check for a microchip. You can update your contact details through Central Animal Records,
2. Call local councils/council pounds to notify them your pet has gone missing. Local councils are the first point of call when a stray animal is found.

Whitehorse City Council: (03) 9262 6333

Maroondah City Council: 1300 88 22 33

Manningham City Council: (03) 9840 9333

3. Call veterinary clinics in your area to see whether your pet has been handed in and so they can be on the look-out. Be ready to provide a description (colour, breed, gender, distinctive markings, health issues, collar, microchip number etc), some details of when and where your pet has gone missing and some phone numbers you can be contacted on.
4. Call local animal shelters, such as the RSPCA, Animal Aid, Lost Dogs home etc. Members of the public often take stray animals straight to these shelters, as do local councils. Again, be prepared with a description of your pet and some details of when it went missing. Be as descriptive as possible. It may be worthwhile calling local shelters regularly or even visiting with a photo of your pet until your pet is returned.
5. Check with your neighbours whether anyone has seen your pet. Cats especially are known to hide in garages or under houses and may become trapped. Consider a door-knock or making flyers or posters.
6. Once your pet has been found be sure to call the same clinics and shelters you called when your pet went missing to let them know the good news and so they can remove your pet’s name from their “lost” file.


Found a Pet?

If you have found a lost pet, it is important to contact the right authoraties immediately.Resist the temptation to “hold on to it” in the hope an owner will come forward, as this will likely only delay its return home.

With the new laws, a stray animal must be delivered to the pound (RSPCA Burwood) or contact the local council. A council ranger will collect the animal for transportation to the local pound. If the pet is injured, head to your nearest available vet clinic straight away. From there, the pet will be cared for and local council notified. 


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