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Pet Weight Loss Program

Obesity is a big issue not just in humans but pets as well. An Australian survey found that up to 41% of dogs and 31% of cats are overweight – it seems we may be loving our pets too much! Overweight pets suffer many of the same health problems as people, including heart problems, diabetes and arthritis. It is a growing problem that left unchecked will affect the animal's quality of life.

Your pet may have a weight problem if:
• You have difficulty feeling your pet’s ribs
• Your pet has little or no visible “waist”
• Your pet is reluctant to excercise, or tires easily
• Your pet waddles when it walks
• Your pet is given food or scraps from the table
• You have loosened your pet’s collar more than once over the past year
• You have been told your pet is overweight
If you answered yes to any of these, it may be time to revise your pet’s diet and exercise program.

At Mitcham Pet Hospital, we know how difficult it can be to help a pet lose weight – in fact many of the staff have had overweight pets themselves! To help you and your pet get started on a weight loss journey we have implemented a Weight Loss Program which we will tailor for your pet to help you achieve weight loss success. Sign up is free, and entry to the program gives you access to regular nurse checkups, weigh ins, tracking of your pet’s weight loss journey, a wealth of information and guidance on pet weight loss and special food deals and rewards for reaching target weights.


If you're interested in our Pet Weight Loss Program please contact us for more information or to enrol!


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