Grooming keeps your pet looking and feeling great!

Keeping your pet’s coat clean and groomed is not only important for their importance, but also their health and wellbeing. Grooming will remove dead skin, as well as shed hair, so that it doesn’t clump. If dead hair isn’t removed, your pet may try to remove the dead hair by licking, which can then cause irritation if done excessively.

You should start grooming your pet when it is young. It is best to do it when your pet is less energetic, mainly so it will sit still and not get too excited. This is also a good time to check your pet for any matted fur or injuries, as well as check its eyes, nose, ears, paws and nails/claws.

Grooming a dog (particularly a large one) can be a difficult job, so you may prefer to leave it to an experienced pet groomer. They also will have professional equipment and will understand the needs of your pet. Grooming may involve brushing and trimming the length of your pet’s hair, as well as a warm bath and shampoo to help remove matted hair.

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