In-House Pathology Lab

Blood tests are often needed so your vet can understand any issues affecting your pet. Mitcham Pet Hospital is proud to offer an in-house pathology lab that can deliver results to you quickly.

If your pet will soon be undergoing surgery, a routine blood test will usually be carried out. For older pets, a blood test once per year can help to ensure that your pet is still in good health and not suffering from any unseen illnesses.

Extracting the blood is a quick and straightforward process for your pet. The vet will shave a small area of skin on the neck or a limb and collect some blood using a sterile syringe. The blood will then be analysed in our in-house pathology lab.

A blood test can determine if your pet is dehydrated, if it has any kidney or liver issues, or if there are other underlying illnesses or diseases that need to be addressed.

Our in-house lab is:

  • equipped with the most comprehensivepathology machines available

  • capable of running almost all the routine blood and urine tests

  • capable of reporting accurate results in less than 10-minutes

  • significantly more affordable for our clients (saving on external lab costs)

If you have any other questions, please contact us