Why pets sometimes need soft tissue surgery?

Soft-tissue surgery is carried out on the skin, muscle or inside of the abdomen or chest of your pet. Orthopaedic surgery is related to the bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. These types of surgeries may be carried out for a number of reasons on your pet, such as gastrointestinal problems or wound repairs.

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Our Fully Equipped Facility

Mitcham Pet Hospital is a thoroughly modern veterinary surgery offering a full range of services to help cater to all your beloved pet’s needs.

Our comprehensive in-house lab can analyse around 95% of tests either on the spot or with a very quick turnaround.

We also offer other important veterinary tools to help care for your pets, such as a digital x-rays unit, video endoscopy machine, ultrasound unit, and dentistry unit.

We can also look after all your pet’s orthopaedic needs and use the newest digital patient-monitoring machines of those pets under anaesthesia during surgery.

Important Information

Before your pet’s surgery, an admission time will be given to you by the nurse.

You should withhold food from your pet from 10pm the night before the surgery. Make sure to allow access to water.

Your admissions nurse will discuss with you the need for your pet to have any intravenous fluids or blood tests before the surgery.

The discharge time for your pet will depend on its recovery. When you pick up your pet after the surgery, we will discuss medication and home-care instructions with you. We will then follow up with you the next day to check on your pet’s recovery.

If you have any other questions, please contact us