Training vs Behaviour Management

We are a community. And sometimes our pets may display behaviours that are unwanted, such as jumping up on people, going to the toilet inside the house, or biting.

While pet training focuses on teaching your pet how to DO something, pet behaviour management is mainly about controlling or finding strategies to deal with behaviours that are already an issue.

Pet behaviour management is important as it’s all about trying to understand why a pet behaves a certain way and then finding positive solutions to deal with this behaviour. You don’t need to just put up with negative behaviours displayed by your pet, as Mitcham Pet Hospital can help you with pet behaviour management.

There are many signs that your pet may need pet behaviour management”

  • aggressive behaviour during meal times

  • separation anxiety and destructive behaviours when left alone

  • aggressive behaviour against other dogs or people or visitors

  • obsessive behaviour such as tail chasing, constant chewing their paws or over-grooming

  • excessive anxiety or hyper stimulation by noises, thunder storms or fireworks

General Enquiries

How we can help.

We will sit down with you to discuss your pet’s behaviour. As every pet is different, we will take the time to truly understand your pet so we can create a customised behaviour management plan. Our vets and nurses are qualified and highly experienced, using modern, science-backed strategies wherever possible to find the best solutions to your pet’s behaviour issues.

Calming Kelly

Kelly is the owner of a one-year-old male German Shepherd dog named Bobby. She came to us as Bobby was often barking, digging up the backyard, and destroying her children’s toys.

We worked with Kelly to try and understand what was likely causing Bobby’s behaviours.

Through working with Kelly and Bobby, we discovered that Bobby was feeling anxious about being left at home when Kelly and her family were not at home.

We developed a plan with Kelly to help her deal with Bobby’s anxiety and prepare him for those times when Kelly and her family are not around.

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