Why nutrition is critical for your pet?

Pets need proper nutrition to ensure they grow up healthy and happy. While our pets are now living longer due to advances in pet food, it is still important to watch what they eat. Pets will need different kinds of food depending on their age, general health, and activity level.

A huge range of quality pet foods are now available that are specially formulated to give your pet a balanced diet. These foods work best when they are coupled with adequate exercise for your pet. Exercise is not only important to help your pet maintain its weight, but also for its general health and wellbeing and socialisation.

However, over-feeding your pet can have serious repercussions for its health. This often occurs when a pet is provided with more food (and therefore calories) than it needs.

Even if your pet is just 20% above its ideal weight, this can make it more likely for your pet to develop serious health issues. Some of these health issues include:

  • arthritis & mobility problems

  • diabetes

  • shortened life expectancy

A variety of sultanas

Sultanas and raisins are safe for us but toxic for dogs and cats! For more information on other toxic foods for pets, contact us and view our page on Common Pet Toxins.

Let us help.

If you are unsure if your pet is at its ideal weight or is underweight, overweight, or even obese, Mitcham Pet Hospital would be more than happy to check its weight and advise you on proper nutrition for your pet. We can devise a weight-loss and weight-management plan specifically tailored to your pet.

If you have any other questions, please contact us