The best preparation and protection for your pet

As many pets will lose their collar at some stage, a microchip is a convenient way to ensure that if your pet is ever lost, it can be brought back to you.

Pet microchips contain an identification number linked to a licensed Victorian animal registry. This identification number will include contact details for the pet’s owners, so that if your pet is lost or injured, it can be reunited with you.

In Victoria, a cat or dog 3 months of age or older must be microchipped before it can be registered. This rule applies no matter if you bought the animal from a pet shop, breeder, pound, or shelter.

How we can help.

Mitcham Pet Hospital can help you with microchipping your pet. The procedure is simple, safe and relatively pain free, with a small microchip (around the size of a grain of rice) placed under the skin on the back of the neck. The microchip can be scanned at a vet clinic or the lost animals’ shelters so your pet can be returned to you.


If you move house or change your contact details, make sure to update these details on the register, such as the Centre Animal Records (CAR) and National Pet Register (NPR), which can also provide with you with plastic registration tags for your pet’s collar.

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