Male Dogs Desexing – What You Need to Know


Male dogs need to be desexed, especially if they are not breeding animals. The most important reason for doing this is the prevention of testicular cancer. Desexing a male dog also reduces his chances of getting prostate disease, as well as behavioural problems such as aggression, dominance, and marking territory.

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The Pet Emergency: From Car Accident to Miracle Recovery


It can be most traumatizing when your precious pet family member meets with a car accident. In urban Melbourne settings, it often happens when a dog or cat escapes beyond the confines of the home due to an unlocked door left open. In situations like this, the best thing to do is immediately but carefully transport your loved one to the nearest vet. One fine morning, in the middle of a consult, the door suddenly swung open and I was interrupted by my nurse calling “emergency”.

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How to manage arthritis in your dog?


Arthritis can be a debilitating condition affecting the bones and joints, in dogs and humans. While arthritis can affect almost any bone and joint, in dogs, the hips knees, elbows and shoulders are the most commonly affected areas. Older dogs are usually more likely to suffer from arthritis, with issues such as difficulty walking or getting up. Different forms of treatment are available, so that your beloved dog can hopefully live a long and pain-free life.

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Tips to protect your dog’s teeth


Looking after your dog’s teeth is vital for its overall health and wellbeing. Whether they’re puppies or elderly, a dog’s teeth can be affected by many different issues. But don’t worry - there are many ways you can help your pet to have healthy and strong teeth for its entire life, both at home and with your vet’s help.

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