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Mitcham Vet Hospital

At Mitcham Vet Hospital, we perform all general veterinary procedures, including surgery and dentistry, as well as many other treatments. We also have a state of the art veterinary hospital with a fully equipped operating theatre and complete diagnostic facilities. We are fully equipped to handle any emergency situation that may arise in your pet’s health care.

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We get it. Your pet deserves the best care possible. And that’s exactly why we exist. At Mitcham Pet Hospital, we give your furry member of the family the quality medical care they deserve.

We provide a wide range of veterinary services, including general veterinary care, surgery, dentistry, desexing and many other treatments. Mitcham Pet Hospital is a fully licensed veterinary hospital and is staffed by experienced and qualified vets, who are specialists in their field. We have an extensive range of products and equipment to ensure that your pet has the very best treatment possible.

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The Pet Emergency: From Car Accident to Miracle Recovery

It can be most traumatizing when your precious pet family member meets with a car accident. In urban Melbourne settings, it often happens when a dog or cat escapes beyond the confines of the home due to an unlocked door left open. In situations like this, the best thing to do is immediately but carefully transport your loved one to the nearest vet. One fine morning, in the middle of a consult, the door suddenly swung open and I was interrupted by my nurse calling “emergency”.